"Wet Today, Dry Tomorrow"

Maize & Blue Water Damage Restoration offers the world’s FASTEST drying system. Our understanding of vapor pressure and evaporation makes us experts in the drying field. Because of the science that we use, we are able to dry most homes in 30 hours OR LESS! We know that water damage is a stressful event and you want things back to normal fast. Our specialized drying equipment allows us to do just that.


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Notice what the

IICRC has to say

about water damage.

How to pick a water damage restoration company

Do your homework!

Don't let someone pressure you into picking a 

company that you don't feel comfortable with.

Keep in mind that sometimes restoration companies

pay people for a referral. 

Notice what the IICRC says about picking a 

water damage restoration company:

"​When a storm leaves a home flooded, or a burst pipe causes serious issues in the house, getting water damage restoration services from a respected

company should be considered a top priority. Unfortunately, this industry is not regulated, and there are people out there who pose as professionals or overstate 

their qualifications. Therefore, homeowners should be

mindful of who they hire, as an untrained technician may

do more harm than good or delay repairs, resulting in a

higher degree of destruction. Before selecting a water damage restoration company to handle the job,

keep in mind these points of emphasis:"

  • Only choose certified professionals to perform water damage restoration services.
  • ​Do not select a technician based only on the price or
    an insurance company’s recommendation.
  • ​Choose a water damage company that offers a ​       range of water damage restoration services.

Following these tips can save you a lot of time and headaches later on.

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 Flooded wood floor Ypsilanti

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Water Damage Restoration

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